Travelers scour the globe for new experiences, whether hoping to find a gem in a bustling and chaotic market or just to feel vertigo that a traversed mountain-top trail can bring. The thirst for adventure for some is equal to the love of knowing new cultures while some others are just looking for a re-energizing retreat.

In the year ahead, find inspiration in the following destinations. Whether you seek to long walk in the Tramuntana’s mountains in Mallorca or dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, here, an adventure for you. And remember a lasting image is something worth working for.


The pace of Morocco will fascinate you. The chaotic you will find in each city creates an old feeling of times past. Begin your journey in Casablanca with the view of the Hassan II Mosque, a monumentally beautiful structure set on the seaside. Get to the High Atlas Mountains for a touch of Morocco’s Bedouin culture and stay with local families to dine on traditional meals. If you can, choose a retreat at the seaside Essaouira for a laid-back surf village in the heart of Morocco and enjoy the late night tea sessions.


Without any doubt Barcelona is among the top attractions for tourists from all over the world, and despite of the crowded centre the town has a lot to offer to tourists. Admiring the city’s modernista architecture is compulsory and the works of Antoni Gaudí in particular. Just walking around you’ll come across many civil or religious Gaudí’s buildings. The most famous are the Sagrada Família and Park Güell, a space that’s out of a fairy tale and emulates an English garden city; and La Pedrera. But if you have time to venture a bit outside Barcelona, don’t miss the opportunity to visit other Gaudí buildings such as the crypt of the Colònia Güell.


There are really few places in the Mediterranean Sea such as Mallorca with its coastal beaches and Tramuntana’s mountains and that’s why this Spanish island is among the top Europe’s holiday destinations. Given to its stunning seashores TripAdvisor awarded Playa de Muro in Mallorca as the fourteenth best beach in Europe and the sixth best in Spain.

If you are looking for a re-charging retreat far from the crowded Mallorca’s resorts, Balearic Retreats can show you its inner side and the island’s truly and never lost charm by guiding you through a personalized Yoga Holiday.

Azores, Portugal

This almost untouched archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic consists of nine islands tailor-made for adventure-seekers. If you would love to experience whale watching, this is your spot. Hiking calderas and swimming with dolphins is also easy to do there.

The island of Terceira is home to a volcano where visitors can explore a chimney and magma chamber. Highly recommended.



We know that Christmas is already gone but Vienna isn’t just the Vienna isn’t just the capital of Austria, it is the capital of 365 days of Christmas, thanks to its world-famous markets and pop-up shops. Glug some glühwein or any other exquisite cookies, but be carful, calories are always there to attack!



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