JULY 14 – 20



(subject to change)

  • July 14 – Meet & Greet with Dinner
  • July 15 – 20 – Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting & Morning Mysore Classes
Four Evening Workshop Sessions:

Yoga Sutra Study

We will explore the foundational philosophy of Yoga from Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and discuss how the practice of ashtanga yoga is rooted in this philosophy.

Ayurveda: Ancient Remedies for the Modern World
Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. It is the traditional healing system in Indian and is 5000 years old. Ayurveda takes into account the entire person, mind-body-spirit in its approach to creating greater health. We will learn about Ayurveda’s 3 constitutional principles: vata, pitta, and kapha, and you will discover how to find your own unique constitution. From these principles, we will learn how to cultivate more balance in your daily life in routine in relation to your individual nature, which will help to increase your overall sense of well-being and healing!

Happy Hips

Open hips make many asanas more accessible. This session will explore several different ways of opening the hips throughout the practice and introduce different techniques to enhance ‘hip-opening’ outside of the practice – whilst protecting the knees. Students will come to understand more fully how to get into this area to help advance their personal practice.

Fundamentals for a Pain-Free Backbend

We will look at what is Yoga Chikitsa & Nadi Shodana and how we can purify our energy channels.
We will explore some back-bending enhancements: looking at the principles of opening the heart, being vulnerable, and the importance to cultivate great strength in the foundation of our legs.

Morning Mysore Practice

Mysore Style is the heart of Ashtanga Yoga. In the Mysore method, students are met as individuals. Each person is taught progressively according to his or her readiness. A relationship is cultivated with the teacher and the practice begins to grow over time. The Mysore method of teaching and practice is very effective, and a certain power can be transmitted through the teacher to the students. Practicing with a qualified teacher can be a very transformative experience for students who are open to exploring their inner self, using the asana as a tool for this discovery.

What´s included:

  • Daily morning classed / Morning Mysore practice (for the ashtanga ones)
  • Afternoon workshops/classes (I can change it later one by one since I know what happens in each one)
  • Accommodation in a stunning luxury finca in Mallorca
  • Plant-based meals prepared with love by our team using organic and locally grown ingredients
  • All day fruits, coffee, and tea available
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • All yoga equipment
  • Wi-fi
  • Plenty time to explore the beauty of the island
  • Welcome presents
What´s not included:

  • Flights
  • Transportation
  • Massages or other therapies (available under request)
  • Activities (available under request)




KPJAYI - Certified

Harmony Slater has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore method for over a decade. She was first introduced to Yoga in 1995, and began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2000. She always had a keen interest in spirituality and the art of physical movement, which culminated in fifteen years of dance training and two BA degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies.
In 2002, she traveled through China researching Buddhist meditation and in 2004 she made her first trip to Mysore, India. That same year she moved to South East Asia where she began a five year journey of living abroad and teaching Yoga Internationally. It was a blessing to spend prolonged periods of time practicing with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson R. Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, now the KPJAYI.

Harmony was given Authorization by Guruji in 2006, and was granted Certification by Paramaguru Sharath Jois in 2015. She is one less than 20 women in the world to hold this honor.
Over the years she co-founded two traditional Ashtanga Yoga Schools in Canada. The first was established in 2009, in Victoria, and the other is found in Calgary. With the birth of her son Jediah in 2011, life became full and sweet, as she experienced the deeper dawning of yoga within every aspect of daily life. She has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and openly shares her insights about experiencing the full integration of Ashtanga Yoga during her workshops.



KPJAYI, Level 2

Russell Case has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga for more than 25 years. A humble and refined teacher, he was given Authorization by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2005. Russell is known for his joking spirit and his perpetual eye toward social justice work. When Pattabhi Jois invited him to his pranayama class in 2007, he considered this distinction to be the highest grade.

As the Director of Partnerships for the Pure Edge Foundation, a non-profit company that brings yoga-based exercises and mindfulness programs into schools throughout the USA, he is known for his creative delivery of experiential presentations on neuroscience for social and emotional learning. Russell has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore Method since 2001 and has taught programs in NYC, Brighton England, Taipei Taiwan, San Francisco, and currently, is the Ashtanga Yoga Director for Stanford University.



Shared room: 1,500€
Single room: 2,000€


Shared room: 1,650€
Single room: 2,200€




This intensive will be held in a beautiful antique finca in Campo, in an atmosphere of exceptional quiet and seclusion. The finca is easy to reach, only 25 minutes by car from the International Airport of Palma (PMI) which receives direct flights from all over Europe throughout the summer months. The finca has spacious and fully appointed rooms, with a variety of different sleeping arrangements to insure your complete comfort.

The retreat will be orchestrated by Pilar de Miguel, founder and director of Balearic Retreats. As a Mallorca native and devoted Ashtangini, Pilar has developed a reputation for organizing magical Ashtanga retreats in the Balearic Islands and elsewhere. She will ensure that our intensive runs smoothly. You can email her with questions about logistics, accommodations, registrations, or anything else.