Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a powerful yoga-based massage therapy which uses the breath as a catalyst to open and realign the entire body. It penetrates the deepest layers of the body, allowing  to regulate the energy flow throughout the body. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is one of the most powerful and restorative bodywork systems to emerge in recent years. This technique uses traditional Ayurvedic massage strokes which act as a bridge between physiotherapy, deep tissue massage and yoga practice.

Each session begins with a series of opening stretches, progressing onto deep tissue muscle stimulation and massage combined with synchronized breathing. Iyengar Yoga-based assisted stretching, followed by soothing, reassuring strokes with oil open and expand the muscles and tendons in the neck, shoulder, back and hips.

This massage technique has many positive effects on the body on a physical, psychological and energetic level. Not only does it stimulate and improve circulation, but it also assists the release of toxins, unlocks tense muscles, as well as bringing about deep relaxation and a feeling of stillness and wellbeing. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapy has further benefits, harmonizing energy flow in the body, increasing flexibility, releasing muscle tension and loosening stiff joints.

Balearic Retreats will be hosting an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Intensive Seminar in October (1st – 7th)

In this intensive course, you will learn how to give a 90-minute AYM massage and will receive a certificate. You will learn to massage the back, leg, foot, shoulder, belly, head and face, and how to combine these elements in a flowing practice. Teaching will be accompanied by yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.


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