Did you know that consuming excessive doses of sugar a day, which form men are more than 9 teaspoons and for women, more than 6, can lead to health problems such as obesity, tooth decay and even depression? A can of Coke, for example, contains the equivalent of 9 sugar teaspoons while an apple just 2. Can you imagine how much sugar contains a chocolate bar? It’s about 8 teaspoons of sugar, it’s more than you body can support on a daily bases.

There are two types of sugar, a natural one and added sugar. Natural sugar is found in fruits, milk etc. while added sugar, like fructose, is sugar added to processed food and drinks such as cookies, cereals and sodas.

Added sugar can be as addicted as drugs or tobacco, it affects the same brain’s regions triggering the pleasure sensors to release dopamine. The point is that dopamine makes you want more even when you are not hungry. Sugar also causes extra work for the leaver, which has to work harder to process it. And last but not least your Pancreas can be overloaded by the extra amount of sugar in your body causing insulin disorders such as diabetes.

Limit added sugars in your diet by making the following healthier choices:

  • Reach for fresh fruit instead of donuts or cakes.
  • Bring your own healthy sneaks to work: grapes, yogurt, almonds, and apples.
  • If you are in a will for a chocolate bar, grab a smaller one rather than a full size one.

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