By recognizing and honoring those who came before and observing the inner strength that has been given to us we can revel our destiny. Love, gratitude and humility.

Family Constellations are a set of psychotherapeutic and phenomenological tools developed by Bert Hellinger. Using these helps us to become free of conflicts, blockages, traumas and diseases that have their origin in the past and from events within our family system. The Constellations work directly with the subconscious, which is the deepest and largest part of our being. It is in this subconscious level that the deepest blockages have their origin, and where the patterns from our ancestors begin.


The theory of the family system states that all members share a real unconscious connection of all their ancestors’ experiences combined, and any unresolved events will stay active until one of the descendants accepts them fully. So for example if one person cannot heal or conciliate an aspect of their life (or a recurring pattern in their life), the next person in their generation will inherit this in their subconscious, and this process will continue until one of the family members accepts it fully, healing it and thereby freeing the family subconscious from that burden.

This is a group workshop and each member of the group will have a turn to constellate. During the constellation the other members all have an important role as well, since they will be chosen to represent different events from the constellator´s subconscious. Everyone will do a lot of personal work during their turn to constellate, but also when representing other people´s lives. This is because the things you will be chosen to represent will most likely be related to aspects of your life that still need to be resolved.

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When the work is done, a feeling of peace and serenity is experienced, as we get rid of these heavy burdens that we´ve been carrying for so long. Burdens which don’t belong to us, and no longer serve us. The healing happens naturally and without any effort.


The Familiar Constellations are based on what Hellinger called ‘Orders of Love’.

  • Belonging: All members of the family have the right to belong to the system. If anyone is excluded, another member will take their place.
  • Order: Elders have priority, similar to the way that parents have the respect of their children.
  • Balance: it has to do with the balance between giving and receiving. Parents give, children receive. Partners will only have a healthy relationship when giving and receiving between them is balanced.

The family soul has the goal of keeping the system complete, preserving its integrity, and assuring the inclusion of all its members. Through family constellations we find the movement for a broader consciousness that includes, integrates and conciliates all of the family members.

Respect, acceptance and unconditional gratitude to achieve the order and balance in our family system will grant us the perfect right to life.

Topics to constellate:

  • Family of origin: orders of love, relationship between parents and children, brothers, grandparents…
  • Order, balance, belonging and loyalty to family
  • Interruption of the vital energy transmission: separations during the childhood of the mother, brother, twin…
  • Miscarriages, accidents, diseases, unexpected or violent losses
  • Exclusions of the family system
  • Loyalty to our ancestors
  • Work, success, money, abundance and auto realization
  • Family secrets
  • Abuses, sexuality, motherhood
  • War, death fate


ConstelationEsther Rodriguez: Facilitator in Family Constellations

Esther started her career as a therapist in 1999, after finishing the Social Worker Bachelor´s degree, developing a support program for families in need and social risk.

After 10 years experience as social worker she continued to deepen her knowledge of the Family Mediation and found the Family Constellations.

She is trained in the Citta della Luce Holistic School (Italy)

Esther also works with Psychogenetic, Bioneuroemotion, PNL and Reiki.


Esther will be offering Family Constellations during our Balearic Retreats! For further information please write to 



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