Getting into the Yoga world is for sure a great decision, we already wrote about the benefits that come with it, but sometimes it is really hard to focus on your pose, distractions are always at the corner and not that easy to avoid, especially for the new ones. We thought that technology might give a little help to the beginners, reason why we have selected 4 amazing apps that will help you to start your inner journey and get used to practise your yoga poses every day.

Music is always good

Choosing a relaxing song can help you starting with your first poses, and no doubt that Spotify is among the best options on the market to listen to music on the mobile. To listen free of ads you need to get the Premium version for €10 Euros monthly.

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Cope with the stress with meditation

Calm is a simple mindfulness meditation app which has been featured in the New York Times and LifeHacker. It is your number one weapon to cope with stress, not only during your Yoga practise but also at work or at home.

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Lock your distractions, block your cellphone

If you can’t concentrate on your poses because your phone is buzzing all the time or Facebook and the other Social Media are tempting you to post you latest picture then you really need Focus Lock. This app will block all your other apps so you don’t have to use your limited willpower to resist them.

Frequent flyers Zen-like.

Are you a business stressed man flying all over to attend your working meetings? Then you really need to get your time to relax, a recent study proved that yoga could drop the risk of heart disease, so why don’t you do it while on your next flight?


Airplane seats are built for your maximum safety, not for a great comfort, they fatigue the back eliminating your natural neck and back curve to save space on the plain, with the AIRPLANE YOGA app you can follow a program of 24 simple but effective sitting series of yoga poses to do during your flight. There also 9 standing poses available and illustrated.

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